forceWERK | Michael Jakob

Shook hand of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Co-piloted a plane over an active volcano.

Can also do Motion Design.

I’ve been working as a Motion Designer in the advertising industry for 8 years and counting. Over the past 4 years, I’ve created state-of-the-art content for premium brands at international car shows (when I wasn’t driving through the Australian Outback in my ’95 Mitsubishi Pajero).

I’m originally from Freiburg, Germany, the gorgeous capital of the Black Forest. These days you can find me in thrilling Beijing, China. My motion design skills are definitely still better than my Mandarin though. 加油!

I excel in conceptual thinking and handling data for massive, multi-LED-screen setups while working under tremendous time pressure. I’m a team player who pays attention to detail and keeps the big picture in mind at the same time. I take an organised, structured approach to work, which is how I keep tens of thousands of files in order for any given project.

I also moonlight in photography with my Fujifilm XT-2. Framing and composition is very important to me, even when I’m snapping a shot of a parking ticket with my phone 😜


Clients I’ve done work for.


Studios I’ve worked at.

  • client imageBerlin, GERMANY
  • client imageLondon, UK
  • client imageShanghai, CHINA
  • client imageShanghai, CHINA
  • client imageBerlin, GERMANY
  • client imageFreiburg, GERMANY
  • client imageBeijing, CHINA

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!