Motion Design Portfolio of Michael Jakob
Michael Jakob | forceWERK

Shook hands with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Co-piloted a plane over an active volcano.

Can also do Motion Design.

Loves FUIs/GUIs/HUDs UIs.

Michael Jakob | forceWERK

Nice to meet you! I’m Michael Jakob, a Motion Designer and FUI (Future User Interface)/GUI (Graphical User Interface)/HUD (Head Up Display) Geek.

In short: I love UIs (User Interfaces).

I’ve been working as a Motion Designer in the advertising industry for 9 years and counting.

My passion is to design and animate FUIs/GUIs/HUDs for Film and TV, combined with the creation of Title Designs. I’m also on the mission to master X-Particles in Cinema 4D, to further enrich the look of the UIs I’m creating.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve created state-of-the-art content for premium brands at international car shows (when I wasn’t driving through the Australian Outback in my ’95 Mitsubishi Pajero).

I excel in conceptual thinking and handling data for massive, multi-LED-screen setups while working under tremendous time pressure. I’m a team player who pays attention to detail and keeps the big picture in mind at the same time. I take an organised, structured approach to work, which is how I keep tens of thousands of files in order for any given project.

I’m originally from Freiburg, Germany, the gorgeous capital of the Black Forest. Recently I relocated from thrilling Beijing, China back to Germany, Frankfurt (Main).

I also moonlight in photography with my Fujifilm XT-2. Framing and composition is very important to me, even when I’m snapping a shot of a parking ticket with my phone 😜


Clients I’ve done work for.


Studios I’ve worked at.

  • client imageBerlin, GERMANY
  • client imageLondon, UK
  • client imageShanghai, CHINA
  • client imageShanghai, CHINA
  • client imageBerlin, GERMANY
  • client imageFreiburg, GERMANY
  • client imageBeijing, CHINA

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!