Cadillac V-Day (2017)

Cadillac V-Day

The V-Day Camps are specially designed to provide a unique and dynamic experience. Professional drivers perform stunts with the Cadillacs, and explain the profound advantage of Cadillac’s power, science and technology. The Cadillac “stunning style, shocking performance” brand essence brings to consumers distinctive luxury brand culture and experience.

I was able to experiment with Trapcode Mir but eventually went with the more flexible solution of Element 3D in order to create the canyons the client wanted, resembling the Moroccan scenery Cadillac was driving through on one of its rallies.

5 LED panels with an overall width of 85 meters offer the visual framework for the show. The content was created and produced by image unit. The video content and the stunt performances are combined to a perfect experience and take the audience on a journey to fascinating worlds.

The content was produced in 9K resolution and split to fit the LED set-up. 22,500 frames have been rendered within 5 days, distributed to the image unit locations Stuttgart and Shanghai.