Playground #08 – FUI (Futuristic User Interface) (2019)

Playground #08 – FUI (Futuristic User Interface)

български inspired FUI (Futuristic User Interface)

My new FUI is inspired by traditional Bulgarian embroidery. I love the symmetrical 45-degree approach in which those patterns are usually made. So, while I was watching the Black Sea a couple of months ago, stomach stuffed with the best food in the world (sorry Italy), I started to stitch some vectors into my Illustrator canvas…

Lessons learnt:

> After Effects becomes unbearably slow when dealing with a 4K comp, featuring dozens of shape layers, layer styles, multiple systems of Particular, Saber, Vibrance and a good handful depth of field… oh, and did I mention that this thing is in 50fps?

> It’s time to build a new workflow, utilising my new RTX2070 eGPU and get those vectors in C4D with Redshift going. IPR I’m coming!

Thanks again @ashthorp & @jayse_for your nice words on my 1st FUI post a few months ago. This really has kept me motivated to focus more on work I actually have a passion for. 🤘

And thank you @un1cornwarrior for patiently asking every morning for 3 weeks in a row, when I will finally post my new FUI. Here it is! 😎