Motion Design Portfolio of Michael Jakob
Porsche 911
LAUNCH EVENT | October 2019
  • TYPE: Launch Event
  • DATE: October 2019
  • LOCATION: Shanghai
  • CLIENT: Porsche
  • AGENCY: VOK DAMS (Shanghai)
  • STUDIO: image unit
  • TASKS: Motion Design
    • FUI (Futuristic User Interface) Design
    • Editing
    • Particular
    • Plexus
    • Form

Timeless Machine – Porsche 911 National Launch

For the launch of the new Porsche 911 in Shanghai, I had the pleasure to work with the great team of image unit. We produced the majority of the video content for the Launch Event . The concept was developed by our dear friends from VOK DAMS Shanghai.


I was in charge of the FUI (Futuristic User Interface) inspired countdown for the show, some more FUI elements of the main show as well as several Porsche racing video edits and a projection of Porsche “Fancy Seat” patterns, where visitors could photograph themselves while being inside a room fully decorated with the seat patterns Porsche offered in their classic cars.

Timeless Machine: Chapter 1
Timeless Machine: Chapter 1
Racing World: WEC (Edit)

Porsche Press Release: Timeless Machine – Over Half a Century of Glory Sparkling at the Exhibition of the Porsche 911 Legends


Countdown (01:02)
Time 01 (1920×1080) (00:30)
Live Feed Background Loop (01:00)
Racing World WEC Edit (02:00)

IMAGES – Event

Images of the Event, where our content was played.


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