Volvo Subject 60 (2010)

Volvo Subject 60

By Mainframe London.

My part was a little acting role. I had to ring the intercom and desperately trying to get access to the VIP room. Eventually without any success and deeply disappointed 😉

Volvo was throwing a series of launch events across major European cities to launch their new car: The ‘naughty’ Volvo S60. The concept was to create a story that would spread beyond those who attended and show the world that Volvo does have a naughty side.

The idea was to secretly use the events as a disguise for a social experiment to discover which of the European cities was the naughtiest.

A social anthropologist devised a series of experiments that were hidden at the parties to test for naughty behavior. Would our guests flirt with a married woman? Would they take a short cut to quench their thirst? Would they try to talk their way into a VIP room to satisfy their ego?

Over 5 weeks, in 5 countries 3062 subjects unknowingly took part in the experiment. After all the data was analyzed by our social anthropologist, the truth behind the parties could be revealed. Paris was crowned the Naughty Capital of Europe.

The story spread. Appearing on over 1000 international lifestyle and automotive blogs and with the film reaching over 1.5 million views. It was proven that everyone has a naughty side. Even Volvo.