Motion Design Portfolio of Michael Jakob
VW E-Bugster
AUTO SHOW | January 2012
Look/Typography/Edit/Data Handling
  • TYPE: Auto Show
  • DATE: January 2012
  • CLIENT: Volkswagen
  • TASKS:
    • Look Development
    • Lensflares
    • Tracking
    • Typography
    • Compositing
    • Edit
    • Data Handling

The Bug becomes electrical

Full CG animation created by PIXOMONDO for Volkswagen for the Detroit Motor Show 2012.

The video is featuring the (back then) all new Volkswagen E-Bugster, a version of the Volkswagen Beetle which is fully electric and environmental friendly.

The long history of the VW Beetle is being reflected due to footage shown on the glossy paint of the car. The clean energy is resembled through the blue electrical lines flowing on the chassis of the car, highlighting the futuristic design.

I had the chance in the team to work on one of my first automotive projects designing the energetic lines, the typo animation, compositing the footage onto the reflective paint, making the transition from hard-top to convertible and editing the commercial, including several cut-downs for shorter versions.




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